Uniteam® At A Glance

All in one place, this page offers you a sense of what you see in Uniteam (and Synthesys), by collecting key portions of other pages on this website.

1) Uniteam looks like this

2) Synthesys® looks like this

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*UIC Consultants/Developers have a minimum of 40 years’ experience with the source.
Their experience with Home Team™, et al, is far beyond that of anyone else in the world.

3) Uniteam Defined

A set of four computer programs, one for each key venue of life:

  • Home/Family
  • Schoolroom/School administration
  • Business/Workplace
  • Community-based efforts/Institutions

Suite Uniteam® is Home Team®, School Team®, Business Team®, and Community Team®.

Uniteam is Thought Processing software that helps people communicate. It combines proven processes with innovative technology to help people work together more effectively. A computer program that is capable of changing, improving, transforming your life, under your direction and control, in a way consistent with your values, beliefs, goals, and loyalties.

How it Works
It starts with you. You sit down with it and it introduces itself to you and leads you, by:

  • Tailoring itself to your style and personality
  • Taking care of paperwork—signing in and signing up
  • Providing a cursory or in-depth look ahead at its services, capabilities, flow
  • Training you in the use of its thinking, communicating, and meeting management tools
  • Early use of its meeting system, in solo, with immediate help available to explore, understand
  • Early use of other tools, such as those for life management
  • Helping you plan for and achieve certification that enables you to attend meetings with others
  • Helping you put all that together and manage, and keep managing, your own life

Having done that for you and for each other person who is a member of your team, it leads you all:

  • In preparing for the meeting
  • In setting the place, and maintaining throughout, the environment for a successful meeting
  • In holding the meeting
  • In recording all thoughts, decisions, and actions of the meeting
  • In producing, automatically, a full meeting report
  • In evaluating, individually, the quality of the meeting, and one’s preparation for it
  • In developing insights as to how to use the system to achieve higher quality meetings
  • It always remembers what agenda you want to follow, and leads you in each step to accomplish that.

It keeps itself simple, if you prefer simplicity, but always allows options and exceptions:

  • You can learn to use, and choose to apply, voice input
  • You can apply in depth, meticulous processes or simple, high-level steps
  • You have a wide range of tools for individual and team self-management
  • You have tools for task and project management
  • You have tools for learning and perfecting your understanding of tools, of system flow

What People Say about Uniteam

“An almost unfair advantage”


“A killer-app; must-have software”

4) Synthesys Defined

What is Synthesys®? A systematic approach for consulting with oneself and with all others who have impact on the success of a venture, project, set of responsibilities, a mission. It is the quintessential method of making life work, managing change proactively, giving value, and being loyal to values. It is constant learning, improving, consistent success. Beyond usual team-ness, it is unity achieved by synthesizing opposing viewpoints, by thinking, communicating, understanding in depth, in 3-D. Meetings led via Synthesys redefine “meeting”.

To make Synthesys successful in your own situation, there is a class available to train those who would assist people with its implementation. For them, the ones trained to Moderate and to Record during Synthesys meetings, there is a computer program which helps them to lead people in the use of Synthesys. To make the power of Synthesys available to people when it is impossible or difficult to attend classes, do formal moderation and recording, pay the price to learn and practice and staff Synthesys, UIC is now finalizing a new system element, Suite Uniteam, composed of four programs: Home Team, School Team, Business Team, and Community Team, to enable low-cost, individual, team, and entity use.

In organizations of sufficient size, scope, or complexity, both programs may be used together as a complete tool kit for the management of change, of self, of life, of teams, of projects, of mergers, and of meetings.

How it Works
Synthesys starts with the meeting leader (the Moderator), and the note-taker (the Recorder):

  • Moderator and Recorder attend class to learn Synthesys procedures and philosophy.
  • They also learn Uniteam so as to maintain the parallel nature of the two.
  • You are interviewed and trained by one or both in prep for first/each Synthesys meeting.
  • In the meeting, the Recorder sits in the midst of the team’s ‘U’ formation and operates the PC.
  • The Moderator stands up front and follows/leads via the Synthesys script.
  • Moderator and Recorder trained to have no thought of what answers, plans, results should be.
  • The script is parallel to the Uniteam script; you see it on screen as it’s spoken by Moderator.
  • Team sets in place, and maintains throughout, the environment for a successful meeting.
  • As with Uniteam, no individual keeps order, the team lives in order, through individual will.
  • Team sets in place, in priority sequence, the Agenda: Synthesys helps Moderator follow that.
  • Each thought, decision, action of the meeting is shown on the screen by the program.
  • When you wish to speak, you’re called on by the Moderator; your thought is typed by Recorder.
  • At meeting’s end, Synthesys, like Uniteam, prints or e-mails the full meeting report to you.
  • The team may use Synthesys to start up, or for large meetings, or to include non-Uniteam people.
  • Once all team members have, and are certified in, Uniteam, they may use that exclusively.
  • Some teams may never use Synthesys; some never use Uniteam; some alternate based on need.
  • Both programs use same database, same culture, foundation, procedures, power source.
  • One is like live facilitation in form; the other unlike anything: both use the unique method.
  • How can you tell that Synthesys and/or Uniteam are at work in a team, an organization, a life:
    • If the team masters the management of change and soars above any obstacle.
    • If each team member contributes all the viewpoints of which they are aware, including their own.
    • If the team knows how to make from all viewpoints one coherent, whole, 3-D thought-picture.
    • If all meetings are consistently thoughtful, harmonious, results-oriented, effective, enjoyable.
    • If all (1-50+) emerge united, committed, from making good, successful decisions, plans, actions.
    • If there is camaraderie, a deep sense of freedom, equality, trust, respect; amazing productivity.

What People Say about Synthesys

“We increased our productivity by 400%.”

“It touched my heart … the essence of my being.”

“People from all parts of the organization instantly became a successful project team.”

“I hate meetings, but I love this.”

5) How people could use both together, in the context of a community-based project:

Our First focus is on the impact of Foundations, or other groups, working with the subject(s) of a project, in a team effort, in operational locales, best if done by the people, from grassroots up, without outside aid if that aid is ideologically encumbered:

At this time, use of Uniteam programs is limited to English-speaking people. That is in no way a permanent boundary. It is just a matter of priorities.

It is likely a current goal or set of objectives, to get community-wide resonance and unity and inclusive participation in the improvement project, and to prepare for best exit strategy (total or partial). We suggest here what can be an adjunct to however you address these items now: You could provide copies of Home Team to individuals and families. This may require the distribution of appropriate computers and training in their use.

The targets and sequence would quickly become the province the full team of people concerned, visitors if they believe and practice Uniteam, and local folks, once they know it too, thus this works once you had experience with this kind of application of this tool, but it seems possible that after families might come schools, or vice versa. Local folks involved in the project must contribute solutions.

The next wave could go to schools, one copy of School Team™ for each student, for each member of the teaching and administration and support staff. Many students would already have come to respect this toolkit as part of family use, and the reverse effect could also obtain. And so it goes as it spreads. Here we have the prospect of the various skills in the educational community forming teams with parents and students.

Government, community-based efforts and institutions, and businesses could all profit from either Business Team or Community Team. One observer of matters related to all this termed the system ‘a common language for civil discourse’. Certainly appropriate if there can be civil, civic dialogue. And if there can be individual life management integrated with processes that support teams building and managing themselves and their projects, and meetings that manage and lead themselves, then the underlying idea that this is a new way to think, communicate, and come to common understandings, can make this, adjunct to the focus of the project, into a collateral benefit in most all areas of life.

For if this does make meetings into an art form and a team sport that everyone wins, it makes self-improvement, and community-improvement, a rhapsody. What a nice, full circle way to come as the fallout of decades-long involvement in the world wide prospering of people all over the globe, rich results. This does have the prospect of making another huge difference.

Such an approach could up dramatically the odds that the community and all of its components could accept and prosper under an evolved leadership involving the whole-hearted acceptance of, and continuous improvement of, the project you enter into with them.

Your team could be best served by personal use of Home Team, and at work use of either Business Team or Community Team. Those you want to interview or consider as recipients of your beneficial efforts, or perhaps better considered as team members in the planning and management effort related to projects, could do well to prepare themselves with the same tools.

6) Get One For Your Family

You and your family can easily try the software to see if it’s right for you; email us at uniteam.bt@gmail.com.

Home Team has become simply an unimaginable, unique, and valuable piece of software. In addition to its benefits for your family, it also works wonders for entities other than families; see our Audiences section. We also offer special organizational packages at very special prices, with very limited availability.

7) Get Tools For Your Organization

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