What Is Thought Processing Software?

Because Uniteam™ is a program that focuses on the processing of thoughts, it makes sense to understand the power of this new type of interaction.

In number processing programs (Spreadsheets) some of the numbers may be supplied by the computer.

In word processing programs some of the words, such as synonyms, are suggested by the computer.

In this program, none of the thoughts are supplied nor suggested by the computer.

What is supplied is a special environment, a Culture of Wisdom™ that sets you free and makes you equal with your teammates. Freedom and equality result in clear and in-depth thinking, communicating, understanding.

That culture results in all thoughts being treated as equal, and through the free processing by your and your teammates’ brains, inspired by that culture, the final result is a coherent wholeness of thought that resembles the wholeness of vision called 3-D.  So we call this wholeness of thought 3-D Thinking.

Thus, Thought Processing in 3-D™ is available here, as the engine and concept that drives Uniteam.

Want more about Thought Processing?

You may look at this program as a meeting leading, or team building/managing, or project managing, or life managing and self-improving program that in each case washes away misunderstandings and failures to communicate.

Or maybe you see it as a program to create or restore full functionality to an organization, or to a merger, or to a family, or to a classroom, or to a community-based effort or institution.

In which of those situations would you prefer to avoid thinking in 3-D, if the option exists? Where is it not vital to have those people who are important to you, thinking in 3-D with you?

Where is it that the diverse viewpoints being processed as free and equal and producing a team-wide ‘ah-ha’ would not bring enhanced unity?  And where, in all that, is unity something to avoid, to shun?

And where in all those memorable experiences would you not want to keep the memory of the thoughts, and of your promises to perform certain actions as your part of your team’s plan?

So the program helps you collect your thoughts and the thoughts of others, it helps you store and retrieve, relate, combine, and apply them. It helps you measure and track the impact of those thoughts that you apply or implement.

Underneath all its special-purpose tools, this remains a thought processing—and a thought provoking—program.