BeyondTeam Products

UIC’s BeyondTeam series includes a range of products and services, all oriented to improving team communication and effectiveness. This page introduces those products, and provides ways for you to find out more about them.

  • Synthesys®, our original method and communication PowerTool
  • Uniteam®, the natural progression of a proven product
  • Group Process Methods Coaching and Training*.
  • Specialty Facilitation, including our Merger Success Services**.

* We coach in real time via email and phone, and in person, and we train and teach via Pacific Management Institute classes. You can bring your team to our headquarters and we will join with it in order to Coach and Train. Contact us at to learn more!

** We apply the tools we provide, and the methods that are the heart of those tools.  Contact us at and ask a management consulting team member to contact you.

The Elevator Pitch Revisited

You get on the elevator at the end of a long day…

(Tip: Hover your mouse over the elevator to pause it)

What Is Uniteam?

Uniteam is a set of four computer programs, one for each key venue of life:

  • Home/Family
  • Schoolroom/School administration
  • Business/Workplace
  • Community-based efforts/Institutions

Suite Uniteam® is Home Team®, School Team®, Business Team®, and Community Team®. Uniteam is Thought Processing software that helps people communicate. It combines proven processes with innovative technology to help people work together more effectively. A computer program that is capable of changing, improving, transforming your life, under your direction and control, in a way consistent with your values, beliefs, goals, and loyalties.

How it Works

It starts with you. You sit down with it and it introduces itself to you and leads you, by…

  • Tailoring itself to your style and personality
  • Taking care of paperwork–signing in and signing up
  • Providing a cursory or in-depth look ahead at its services, capabilities, flow
  • Training you in the use of its thinking, communicating, and meeting management tools
  • Early use of its meeting system, in solo, with immediate help available to explore, understand
  • Early use of other tools, such as those for life management
  • Helping you plan for and achieve certification that enables you to attend team meetings with others
  • Helping you put all that together and manage, and keep managing, your own life

Having done that for you and for each other person who is a member of your team, it leads you all…

  • In preparing for the meeting
  • In setting in place, and maintaining throughout, the environment for a successful meeting
  • In holding the meeting
  • In recording all thoughts, decisions, and actions of the meeting
  • In producing, automatically, a full meeting report
  • In evaluating, individually, the quality of the meeting and one’s preparation for it
  • In developing insights as to how to use the system to achieve higher quality meetings

It always remembers what agenda you want to follow, and leads you in each step that accomplishes that.

It keeps itself simple, if you prefer simplicity, but always allows options and exceptions

  • You can learn to use, and choose to apply, voice input
  • You can apply in-depth, meticulous processes or simple, high-level steps
  • You have a wide range of tools for individual and team self-management
  • You have tools for task and project management
  • You have tools for learning and perfecting your understanding of tools, of system flow

What People Say About Uniteam

“An almost unfair advantage” “Fascinating” “A ‘Killer-app’”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My first question is, what is Uniteam? Quick as anything she answers, “It’s a computer program made in 4 models: for *home, *school, *business, *community efforts and institutions.”

How does it work? She: “It leads you step by step to learn how it improves thinking, communication, meetings, management; you meet solo to learn then it OKs you for team meetings.“

Why does it work? She: “Because it contains the essence of what CEO Parks put to work 50 years ago. Transformed into a consulting method and now a program, it’s more powerful.”

What does it actually do? She: “It directly leads a new kind of meeting–thoughtful, harmonious, results-oriented, effective, enjoyable; helps you manage your life, teams, and meetings.”

How does it interact with one or more? She: “It interacts in a meeting with as many as are present, calling on those who want to speak, recording their words, following the steps.”

How can you prove it does those things? She: “You can prove it by using it to learn and master it and apply it–demos can not show why it works.”

Is it easy to learn, use?” She: “It trains you, it leads you step by step, it provides ways of asking about each step; adapts to your style. It is simple to start. Solo use only, till OK’d.”

What PC requirements to run? She: “It’s safe to have a spare 20 to 50 billion bytes (GB) of disk space, fast processor, good multi-media capability, Windows XP, W7, or W10 is easy; Apple with right stuff can run it.”

Does it run on the web? She: “It does not require the web, you can find ways to do everything without that. You can be remote without or with networks. For absolute privacy, the web may be risky.”

Networkable, for remote collaboration? She: “Yes, but for absolute privacy and security you may want to build you own network of collaborators that lacks access for any other party.”

I’m a people person-not a computer person. Is there any way to avoid using a PC? She: “Perhaps later, meanwhile you can use it by speaking into a mic-it leads you-almost like no PC.”

I was not sure about the web being a concern, but now I understand why this is designed to function without the web. I’m sure I should try this.

Interested? Intrigued?

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