Uniteam Background

The project to develop this program began on January 27, 1964. At the time no one was aware that the goal was this BeyondTeam program.

Initially, it was a business environment or culture, a set of business practices, a way of doing business instituted by a CEO named Keith Parks in order to turn an organization around. Remarkable changes occurred during the first two years, and by 1976, when the USA Bi-centennial Commission named it as one of 200 sites in the U.S. that demonstrated what the next 200 years would bring about in unity and effectiveness, there had already been visits by teams from over 40 nations and most states, from corporations like IBM and American Airlines, studies by universities, by the U.N., and by the Wharton School of Business.

The second phase began in 1976, when some of Keith’s loyal employees set up a management consulting firm, Pacific Management Institute, to test Keith’s culture and methods in as many difficult and unique settings as possible. That test proved the point, as client after client had results similar to Keith’s. At that point, the method had been transformed into a manual system which could be used to lead a business or personal meeting that was thoughtful, harmonious, results-oriented, effective, and enjoyable. The same kind of personal transformation, organizational turn-around, productivity, unity, success occurred as a result of applying and teaching the method.

The third, and current phase began as a test of whether the methods that had been perfected in the consulting world, which seemed to map perfectly with Keith’s original method could now be transformed into the form of a computer program so that it could be less expensive and time-consuming to put it to work in individual lives, in all major venues of life. The goal was to make it available to all people and groups that might find it useful.

The UIC programs are the result of the transformations from the original culture to the consulting model, and from that to computer program, and they map just as did the consulting, just as did the original methods of Keith Parks. Keith, who retired from the world of CEOs in 1985, joined Pacific Management Institute at that time, and stayed with it until his death, in 1997, by which time the third phase was well on its way. It was decided that the new programs should be headquartered in a new entity, UIC, Uniteam International Company, LLC.

About Today’s Uniteam

Uniteam is Thought Processing software that helps people communicate. It is available for families, non-profit organizations, educational and community based institutions and efforts, teams, and Enterprises. It combines proven processes with innovative technology to help people work together more effectively.