Envisioning BeyondTeam in the Small Business Audience

In a small business, most if not all people may know each other well, may work side by side, swapping roles and tasks, focused on getting the job done without the number of people that larger organizations can assign to work. The closeness, the proximity can mask failures to communicate, misunderstandings that small businesses often lack the resources to deal with when they occur. Closeness can sometimes create frictions that can be avoided in larger places.

Even without any of these negatives, and certainly there are small business that are the model of how to live and work together, the small business has many of the same needs, obstacles, and missed opportunities that plague larger businesses. All sizes of businesses can look at government at the federal level and its ability to solve problems by printing money. The smaller the business, the more likely resources are a major issue, and printing money is out—even extending the debt load can sometimes be impossible.

All this leads to the usefulness of this program to assist in clear and in-depth thinking and communicating and arriving at a common understanding. A team often can accomplish impossible things despite a lack of resources and time. Camaraderie and unity, harmony and results are easier to achieve in a team that is composed of all or much of the population of a small business.

And if each individual uses this tool to manage themselves and their life, that can be of enormous assistance because often in small business the management is more a part of the work force, and self-discipline, self-improvement is almost an unfair advantage.

A small business can grow in size, in profitability, in market share with tools like this. It can retain good help and attract new workers. It may be practical and legal to use the program during interviews. Find out from experts. And use of the family version at home by the personnel can add strength to the team by strengthening the base of each individual, making them part of a fully functional family as well as a part of a fully functional team in their workplace. Small business is the backbone of any country’s prosperity. Improve yours.


  • Society benefits as each and every one of these Audiences begins to benefit.
  • Each Audience’s progress resonates to add velocity for the others, because our Society is an interdependent aggregate of us all.
  • Change agents: achieve your vision with more open-handed ways to collaborate with your universe.

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