Envisioning BeyondTeam for Merger Candidates

If the authority, for instance the CEO and Board, in each merging entity test and approve the use of this tool, it can be learned and applied by each individual in each entity. The individual can improve their management of tasks and projects, and their interaction with others—by the improvement in communication and thinking and understanding, the increase in wisdom and good judgment, the respect for self and others and authority that accompany the use of the tool.

As individuals are certified by the program to attend team meetings, the management of each entity can begin to use those teams in team management-each of their own team, management of tasks and projects and of the entity itself, if they wish. These things, involving individuals and teams, can justify the use of the tool, and in fact results can be startling—in productivity, morale, profit, customer relations, and more.

When work begins on the merger, merger management teams can be formed from parallel teams in the separate entities. Since the program brings each individual into a special culture, one that enables all the special results of program use, the combined teams are living in and using the same culture, the same tools and procedures even though each, in their own entity, when not in a meeting, may live in distinctly different cultures and may have been at war with each other as rivals in the same field.

If top management wishes, teams can work on issues of merging the separate cultures of the merging entities, and a much stronger and jointly owned culture can be created. The camaraderie, the exhilaration of a team accomplishing impossible things, the exalted quality of the results, the ability for the new entity formed in the merger to exceed all projections for strength, scope, value, abilities will be a joy for everyone, especially for those who originally dreamed of the idea of the merger before anyone else was involved.


  • Camaraderie and harmony are automatically established if-at the beginning of people/organization meshing-all parties have already been using the program and special culture.
  • The start-up of the combined entity is smooth-effective because the people planned it so.
  • Retention of employees is a natural byproduct of team-led meshing using program meetings.
  • The ‘gamble’ on the ‘people-part’ of mergers becomes a ‘sure-thing’ due to program use.
  • Productivity, creativity, customer-relations improve dramatically fulfilling the vision of the architects, and the role of the program.

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