Envisioning Uniteam for the Individual, for You

Style and personality make boundaries for most of us in how we approach new things, how we interact with others, how we live our lives. Some of us prefer rich and comprehensive detail, meticulous efforts to accomplish things, seemingly endless processes to arrive at an answer, a solution, a plan, a result.

Others of us want no part of any of that, want a brief touch of information, simple approaches to accomplishing things, general views not specific, no details, no extra words spoken, or heard. If something must be studied or understood, we may prefer to read rather than listen to it. Brief may be better than full statements, shortcuts that avoid what is not natural or necessary to us are preferred.

When you first start using this new tool, you will find that it is sensitive to, and as accommodating as possible with the range of these differences in personality and style. The program adapts itself to you. It begins your learning and use with an introduction that can be in great depth or much more general. Then there is training about how to hold meetings, which must be the same for all. Then your use can be controlled by you to a great extent in relationship to all these differences and preferences.

The beginning is called the simple path, and even after you have used all of its offices, you need not graduate to main menu use where more complexities may lurk, you can continue using the simple path unless you need a tool only available on the main menu.

All this goes to say that the program sets a special value on serving the individual. The focus is on self-improvement, life management, problem-solving, planning. This is the first place where people can learn about program-sponsored thought processing, communication, and so much more. The formal training and solo experience leads to a certificate which shows the individual can attend meetings hosted by this program. Examining the role of the individual in the other visions will show you the larger picture.


  • Become-achieve-acquire what is important to you; program leads you to set, meet goals.
  • You-or your child-grow in wisdom, understanding-in the ability to think and communicate, due to program training and use.
  • Be a valued team member, respected-listened to; solo use prepares and certifies you for teams.
  • Gain more control of, and better management of, your life via life planning-tracking, etc.
  • Self-improvement becomes an art form and very real; introspection¬†and insight tools help.
  • Successfully integrate all venues and aspects of your life via tools that gather-track-link.

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