Envisioning BeyondTeam in Government Audiences

When the elected and appointed officials of a unit of government have learned, personally used, tested, and evaluated this tool and have approved its use within their jurisdiction, it may then be issued to all personnel.

Although the program is designed for individual self-learning, it may be appropriate to institute classes within which that self-learning can be accomplished. Each individual can improve their abilities related to managing and being managed, planning and accomplishing work, solving problems, planning and managing their own life, along with communication and thinking skills.

It is not always clearly perceived that in government elected and appointed personnel want to improve service to citizens, want to increase productivity and cut costs, want to develop creative solutions and more useful services. Use of this tool can help individuals and groups to accomplish goals in tune with these values.

Departments, agencies, teams can learn to work together as a means of cutting costs, of increasing the value and quality of service to the public, and of coordinating efforts. Old rivalries and issues regarding power and knowledge and scope can be resolved and that energy can be channeled toward accomplishing award-winning projects. Combining agencies or certain teams from agencies can be much like mergers.

Not only could it be considered that this tool could be used to conduct certain public meetings, it could be that adding citizens adept at the use of this tool could improve the knowledge and understanding applied by teams within the government to improvement of current service and to tailoring new services. Workshops on budgeting, problem-solving, and planning related to the mission and activities and methods of the government could be conducted periodically with citizens and elected and appointed officials and employees working as one team, with the resultant camaraderie, common understanding, creativity, and commitment that can make citizens supportive of government needs, can bring everyone onto the same page, to the same values.


  • Dissatisfied citizens can help in problem-solving and be supportive because program-hosted meetings use all points of view.
  • Government can increase its grace, effectiveness, wisdom, understanding: harvest wisdom of all employees and citizens via program use.
  • Inter-departmental, inter-agency cooperation-camaraderie become effortless via program use.
  • Real, enormous productivity increases: people who do work are part of planning meetings.
  • Recognition for impacts of program use.
  • Civil servants become more civil, more of Service: they are more connected to decisions.

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