Envisioning Uniteam in Foundations

When those who make decisions about tools such as this being adopted for foundation use have used it themselves, evaluated it and approved its use, then all management, staff, and other people connected with the foundation can begin to learn it and apply it to their own management of their part of the work and to the management of their own life.

The quality of management, of work, of interaction and productivity and quality of interaction with those whom the foundation is considering to assist, those who are in the midst of being assisted, and those who are carrying on after having completed the period of foundation assistance, can be increased immeasurably.

Applicants can be asked to learn and use the tool to determine their real need and project the effects of receiving aid from the foundation. They can plan how they will maintain control of their own world while including in it foundation operatives who will carry some weight and value in the decision-making, planning, and execution related to the effort being addressed. Plans should also consider the exit strategy of the foundation and the full responsibility of the applicant group to continue to improve the effort after the foundation has ceased its help.

Actual work as a larger team, when approval of help has been made and the foundation is on site, should then be quite smooth and satisfying—and successful.


  • Continuity and effectiveness flows from the application, to the grant, to the project, to the exit strategy via an applicant/foundation team using program-hosted meetings.
  • The Foundation can expand its reach/impact by assisting the team to expand its resonance through distribution of the program to homes, schools, workplaces, community groups.
  • The effectiveness of all grants is multiplied by a wise mission-strategy built by the team.
  • Sincere opposition/resistance becomes support and belonging, adds strength to the project–program-hosted meetings naturally enable this.

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