Envisioning Uniteam in the Family

After the parents have learned to use and appreciate this tool individually and then as a team, they can decide if it is to become a tool of the children and of the entire family, to be used by the spouses when alone, used in parent-child counseling, used for full family meetings.

As each individual learns it and uses it, they can perfect their problem-solving and creative thinking skills and their ability to think clearly and deeply. They can learn to introspect, develop their insight, better understand the people, things, events and situations in their world.

They can develop wisdom and good judgment. Subject to any authority to whom they must answer, they can learn to plan and manage their own life, along with learning, via family meetings, how to participate in the management of something larger than themselves.

They can learn to be a team member, with the respect for each other and for authority, the trust, loyalty, camaraderie and unity that develop in teams which utilize the meetings hosted by this program. They can learn how teams are built and maintained, and how they accomplish things. They can learn to communicate clearly and in depth.

They can, as a team and as an individual, learn to establish their values, beliefs, standards as part of their criteria for decision-making, and learn to use the tools the program provides for establishing goals and objectives and tracking daily their progress toward those goals. They can learn to graphically picture their progress and accumulate their insights about progress and how to increase it.

They can learn how families can be led toward full functionality by a team of all members, and can resolve to use similar tools when they become a spouse, a parent.


  • Children grow in wisdom-understanding-good judgment because they learn self-discipline, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
  • Siblings develop mutual respect, camaraderie due to individual use, family team meetings.
  • Parents are more effective interacting with children–program provides parenting pathways.
  • Spouses become a team which enthuses their marriage and their children’s future, due to spending time together with the program.
  • Drugs-immorality-violence are lesser choices if you manage your life well and have a fully functional family backing you up.

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