Envisioning BeyondTeam in Faith-based Audiences

The use of this tool might start anywhere, but could occur first in church schools where learning it and then applying it in a learning team setting within a schoolroom could transform people and improve results.

Individual use could lead to a well-lived, well-managed life where the spiritual becomes a key part of all problem-solving, planning, decision-making. Potentials for the hearing of and retention of a calling or vocation in the ministry or spiritual service would be easier to integrate into life.

Teacher, student and parents could meet using it, Such meetings could expand to all parents, teachers, students, and administration, staff, Clerics, patrons who are the Congregation or Parish, so that system-wide problems, such as funding could be dealt with effectively.

It could spread to transforming families—spouses could become a team, parent-child and family wide meetings could create a fully functional family where faith becomes fully integrated in daily life.

It could spread to the Congregation’s managing committees and beyond—to projects, to outreach. It could deliver unity to all the faithful in all venues. The magnetic lure of that unity could be used to draw more attendance at services, could expand the church membership.

Such unity could have more effect on the secular community, its mores, rules, freedom of religious speech. And service to community needs could be more easily integrated.


  • Fully functional ‘faith-first’ families via individual program use and team use for spouses, parent-child, and full family meetings.
  • Schoolroom use transforms people and learning into a collaborative, faith-based enterprise.
  • Harmonize family, school, and church life with program-hosted parent-teacher-student conferences and all-inclusive management meetings.
  • Preserve and nurture blossoming vocations by encouraging individual program use for life management.
  • Manage wisely the ‘business’ of church and school, using the program as businesses would, adding eternal values during decision-making.

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