Envisioning BeyondTeam in Education

Once all of those responsible for the approval of tools used in a specific school or district have understood the value of this tool by using it, and have approved it, the program can become the subject of a beginning class which teaches its use.

Since the program is designed to assist the student in teaching its use to themselves, this class can be very productive and effective. During the learning process, the student can, in effect, use the program to solve their own problems, seek to understand situations, people, events, and the world around them more deeply, with more wisdom. They can plan for success in their studies and in all the schooling they will pursue. They can manage their own life, within the boundaries set by any person or institution that has a legitimate position of authority in their life.

After being certified by the program to attend meetings hosted by the program that contain multiple real participants, the student could enroll in classes where the teacher, students, and any resource people become a learning team and pursue excellence in understanding by using the format of program-hosted meetings to enhance communication, thinking, academic results.

Many kinds of meetings can be enhanced: teacher-student counseling; parent-teacher-student conferences; gatherings of all committed parties to support and assist the school or its district in problem-solving or planning for such issues as the need for funding or the curriculum; interested parents, teachers, students, patrons, administration, staff, and other interests such as media, state and federal regulators.

At some point in this process, the families of students might each acquire the home version of the program and begin to help the individual family members and groupings within it such as spouses, parent-child, full family to become fully functional, fully supportive, successful in individual and family efforts.


  • Educational system road-blocks are solved because administration-parents-students-staff-teachers-patrons become a winning team.
  • Grades, attendance, enrollment, and behavior improve because students, individually, and in schoolroom teams, and in parent-teacher-student conferences, plan to make it happen.
  • Academic goals/standards are met/exceeded because class meetings foster in-depth learning.
  • Self-discipline, harmony, clear thinking and communication evolve as program use grows.
  • Confidence/self-esteem balanced with humility and realism become common, due to program use.

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