Envisioning BeyondTeam in the Corporate Audience

Corporate use could begin with the CEO and direct reports learning the system to verify that it fits into the corporate culture.  That might be followed by one or more tests in various corporate settings.  Use could then spread throughout the entire structure, even to the least powerful of all who work there.

Classes could be implemented where employees use the program to essentially teach the system to themselves, becoming during that class-work more effective at problem-solving, creative thinking, planning, integrating, and managing their own life and their tasks and projects and responsibilities that they perform for the company.

More importantly, they could become highly effective at understanding situations, thinking clearly and in depth, communicating clearly.

Business meetings could become thoughtful, harmonious, results-oriented, effective and enjoyable.

Management might decide to help those employees who want to use a family version of the program in their own home to acquire a copy for their family, and family use could lead to a more stable, secure, effective employee who is backed up by his fully functional, supportive, successful family.

All this could deliver measurable improvement in employee productivity, morale, camaraderie, communication with each other and with customers. Customers and employees could use it together where projects, products, or services require planning.



  • Business meetings are transformed because in program-hosted meetings-verbose are succinct, silent are eloquent, manipulative are not.
  • Individual and team decisions harmonize with the Corporation: program focuses on values.
  • The work environment reflects camaraderie, achievement-byproducts of regular program use.
  • A failure to communicate, misunderstandings transformed into unity: via program meetings.
  • Profit, market-share, quality of work-life up –program impacts critical success factors.
  • The CEO can understand, be a positive force in teams by studying program meeting reports.

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