The BeyondTeam Audiences

The BeyondTeam product and service offerings will help a wide range of audiences to envision, then realize increased team communication and effectiveness. The audiences below have the greatest opportunity to benefit from our offerings. Click any audience name, either immediately below or in the sunrise graphic to see how we can help.

Corporate Audiences: Improved business results, through meetings that get results. Alignment in Individual, Team, and Enterprise decisions. Camraderie in the workplace.

Small Business Audience: Great leaps forward in Customer/business interaction result in more-creative, tailored business solutions. Impossible challenges are more easily overcome. Improved market share and customer satisfaction result.

Merger Candidates: Corporate Audiences’ benefits accrue to those who prepare to make a merger successful. Merging parties then each have the same culture within which to conduct meetings and find common ground.

Government Audiences: Enhanced ability and desire to serve, to bring the community together, to lower the cost and raise the effectiveness of government.

Education Audiences: The ideal model of interaction can occur within the classroom while learning, within teacher/student and parent/teacher/student counseling sessions, within meetings of all interested parties–administration, faculty, staff, parents, patrons, students, and more.

Civic Groups: This “common language for civil discourse” quoting Dr. North, provides the ability to have civil discourse about and in support of civic projects. Self-management by the group and the management of its tasks lead to civic success. The individual use of the program by those served by civic projects can assure the group of success and additional volunteers.

Faith-based Audiences: Fully functional ‘faith first’ families, schools, worship centers, and community service efforts can be an integrated and integrative whole. Vocations can be discovered and preserved. Individuals can focus on knowing, loving, and serving their Creator.

Foundations: Expected benefits will be multiplied by the unity of purpose and of approach that candidate projects, selection boards, implementation teams, and the families, schools, workplaces, and community-based efforts and institutions affected by the core and the periphery of such a project, can aspire to.

The Individual Audience: Those who participate in the audiences listed here receive the benefits as stated. Also, self-improvement and life management lead one to achieve, acquire, become that which is most important to them. Wisdom and understanding and good judgment can become part of such an individual.

Family Audiences: Fully functional families result in joyful spouses, and produce excellent citizens, students, workers, achievers, and eventually result in a new crop of joyful spouses, excellent parents, and fully functional grand-families.


  • Society benefits as each and every one of these Audiences begins to benefit.
  • Each Audience’s progress resonates to add velocity for the others, because our Society is an interdependent aggregate of us all.
  • Change agents achieve your vision with more open-handed ways to collaborate with your universe.

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